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Cover Story

The Week Democracy Died

Seven days in July that augured the end of government by the people as we know it.

Trump’s Campaign Chief Listed in Ukraine Ledger Detailing Millions in Cash Payments

Larry Wilmore’s Show Was the Sharpest Late-Night Voice on Race, and Comedy Central Just Shut It Down

Usain Bolt’s Best Races, Ranked

The Way Sausage Party Thinks of Food Is Pretty Messed Up


The Growing Political Muscle of Big Weed

Marijuana dispensaries are funding a major push for pro-pot laws.


Don’t Bring Your Dog to Work

Pet-friendly policies are growing more popular among employers, but they’re often implemented irresponsibly.

Big Weed Is Throwing Some of Its New Money Into Politics

People Love Dogs in the Office, but Did Anyone Ask the Dogs How They Feel?

How Did Kids Books Go From Prim Morality Tales to Captain Underpants?

Need Advice: I Think My Estranged Uncle Is Going to Take My Inheritance

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